El Taco Veloz

This is one of the best spots for tacos in Atlanta.
While I haven’t been to any other locations, this one is always on point and consistently puts out great tacos. The carne asada, carnitas and barbacoa are all excellent.
The spicy salsa verde is a must. I haven’t had one in a while, but I remember the burritos being quite good as well.
It’s nice they have a drive-through, but you can also eat at picnic tables inside as well. Fantastic cheap eats.

Ben H.
Atlanta, GA

After trying and retrying Taco Bell and disgust after each visit I decided to hunt for an authentic taco shop in Atlanta. El Taco Veloz really did the trick with their tacos. I ordered three tacos, two chicken, and one pork and they didn’t disappoint. Two corn tortillas with salsa Verde, white onions, and cilantro were the toppings.The tacos were great and priced very well. They don’t skimp on the meat either, it’s the perfect amount and as much as you could expect for the price.

Greg B.
Atlanta, GA

Best “real tacos” you’re going to find in Atlanta.
*Carnitas, Pollo, or Al Pastor Tacos –
*Carne Asada Tacos – excellent
*Bean and Cheese Nachos – As lame as it sounds these are AMAZING!
*Queso Dip – served piping hot to go
*Nacho Chips – cut and fried from corn tortillas – thicker than most
*Pico de Gallo, Hot Red Salsa – two excellent salsas
We eat here all the time. It’s cheap and it’s home-style food. Quit going to Chipotle and check out El Taco Veloz!

Robert M.
Atlanta, GA

Super cheap, pretty darn authentic, delicious grab and go Mexican food. It’s really tough to get in and out of here during lunch hours though, as it’ll get packed.
Their sandwiches are frigging amazing. I had some breaded steak sandwich and they pack it with all sorts of veggies and some delicious guacamole. The bread is soft and tastes hella fresh (nearly like they bake it there, but that can’t be, can it?).
Why go to taco bell when taco veloz is el rey?

Zack E.
Atlanta, GA

Yes! Drive through tacos that ain’t Taco Bell.
I had the munchies tonight, no food in the house and a wallet nearing empty, so I ventured out to find something quick and inexpensive.
I decided to give El Taco Veloz a shot.

Todd P.
Atlanta, GA